Nationwide Lake & Pond Cleaning

At U.S. Aqua Vac Inc, we perform lake and pond cleaning nationwide. Specializing in muck, sludge, silt, and sediment removal from large or small lakes and ponds of residential, municipal, and commercial facilities, we continue to lead the industry in lake / pond cleaning and restoration. From cleaning national landmarks to golf course ponds, U.S. Aqua Vac has happy customers all over the nation.

State-of-the-Art Service

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and well trained personnel, our experts are able to remove the mucky silt and sediment responsible for most environmental damage in lakes and ponds. Instead of using outdated, costly, and less effective drain-and-dig methods, U.S. Aqua Vac incorporates the latest and most effective lake / pond restoration and cleaning techniques.

Leading the way in pond cleaning for Golf Courses, Home Owners Associations, marinas, municipalities, and commercial waterways across the nation.

Serving the Entire Nation

Based in the Midwest (Chicago area), we have several offices located across the nation. If you are located in any within the continental United States, U.S. Aqua Vac has service in your area. WITH NO FREIGHT FEES!

Being GREEN and Winning Awards

From homeowners associations to PGA Tour courses, from large FEMA projects to your local city pond, we have happy customers all over the U.S.A. With our environmental friendly services we continue to win awards for our inexpensive, non messy, muck, sludge, silt & sediment removal processes. No job is too big or too small, so contact us today.

Helping People & the Environment

Serving the entire nation, U.S. Aqua Vac is known for its dedication to its customers, helping people, and helping the environment. With being a top supporter and member of several green environmental foundations, U.S. Aqua Vac continues to make a difference, not just in your local area but internationally.

We Clean:

Golf Course Ponds   -   Channels   -   Retention Ponds   -   Dams

Public Ponds   -   Rivers   -   Lakes   -   Streams

Marinas   -   Springs   -   Harbors   -   Farms

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