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With U.S. Aqua Vac's training and methods we will not tear up any landscaping or surrounding with heavy equipment. You will not have to worry about repairing ruts or have sloppy muck get all over the place. Our machines are pond liner and plumbing safe.​

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and well trained personnel, our experts are able to remove the mucky silt responsible for most environmental damage in lakes and ponds. U.S. Aqua Vac provides muck, sludge, silt, and sediment removal services to re-establish your pond's bottom and greatly reduce the amount of bacteria, toxic gases, ammonias, bad odors, and algae's that accumulate over time.  During this process, excess weed and algae growth are effectively drowning and being eliminated.  Our cleaning also helps to reduce the risk of spreading disease such as West Nile Disease and Avian Botchulism. Our cleaning process will keep your lake, pond, or waterway vibrant and healthy year round, helping avoid fish death.  We do not tear up any landscaping or create a mess when removing the muck, sludge, silt or sediment. Our methods and equipment are very safe and environmental friendly.​

 U.S. Aqua Vac's state-of-the-art muck removal helps to eliminate any possible insurance liabilities that may occur when an individual becomes mired in muck and sludge with possible dire consequences.​


Slimy Dirt or Filth.
Dark, Highly organic soil. 

No Damage



U.S. Aqua Vac's limited disruption service allows all business and activities to continue as normal.​



A muddy deposit (as seen on a riverbed)
A muddy or slushy mass, deposit, or sediment.
A mixture of impurities and acid. 


​The matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid Geology.
Mineral or organic matter. 

Other than lake / pond cleaning, U.S. Aqua Vac also has been known for its dredging performance across the nation. We can dredge lakes up to 500 acres.​


Our sludge, silt, and sediment removal process entails ridding your pond or lake of all debris that is clogging any springs, intake pipes, or drain pipes, and keeps them from clogging in the near future. U.S. Aqua Vac thoroughly cleans down to the hard bottom in the areas where the muck, sludge, silt, and sediment reside. Areas that are commonly missed during cleanings due to a lack of experience, outdated methods, or both.U.S. Aqua Vac specializes in lake and pond restoration, cleaning, and maintenance on waterways. Some of these include private ponds, public ponds, golf course ponds, lakes, marinas, harbors, and channels.

Lake & Pond Cleaning